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5pcs MP1584 3A Adjustable DC Step Down Converter Buck Module 3.3V 5V 9V 12V 24V
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5pcs MP1584 3A Adjustable DC Step Down Converter Buck Module 3.3V 5V 9V 12V 24V (product group: component)
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  • This ultra-small buck step-down voltage regulator is surprisingly powerful for it's size. Synchronous rectification is more efficient and creates less waste heat which allows it to reach current ratings found in regulators many times it's size. Despite the small size and low price, this power regulator delivers on it's specs. The output voltage is adjusted with the on-board potentiometer. Compared to the Mini360, this module offers more pads and wider input/output voltage ranges, but with a larger size, slightly lower operating efficiency, and a slightly lower sustained load rating. Be careful not to exceed the input voltage or maximum output current. Do not back feed power through the module. Do not apply reverse polarity voltage.
Features and Specifications
  • Adjustable non-isolated DC buck voltage regulator, ultra small module 22x17x4mm
  • Great for LED lights, micro-controllers, battery chargers, and most other low power devices.
  • Input: 4.5-28V, Output:0.8-20V, 3A Peak / 1.5A Sustained
  • Efficiency: Up to 92% (depends on the difference between input and output voltage) This module uses synchronous rectification, the most efficient power conversion available.
  • 1.0MHz Switching Frequency, <30mV ripple (no load), MP1584 IC