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USB Mini Bluetooth Dongle Adapter
USB Mini Bluetooth Dongle Adapter (product group: dongle)
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  • This mini USB Bluetooth dongle adapter enables wireless data connectivity between computers and Bluetooth enabled devices.
    It enables a wide variety of devices- such as cell phones, PDAs, and peripherals- to connect wirelessly to your computer.
    Bluetooth is an open specification that operates on the globally available 2.4GHz radio frequency.
    Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) supports up to 3 Mbps transfer rate, which is three times faster than previous versions of Bluetooth.
Features and Specifications
  • Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR
  • A2DP Compatible
  • Backwards compatible with Bluetooth V1.1 & V1.2
  • Data Transfer Rate: 3 Mbps / sec
  • Range: Up to 20M
  • Supports all operating systems
  • Driverless operation on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Ubuntu
  • Works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux
  • Low-profile design is perfect for both laptop and desktop computers

Customer Reviews

Sep 27, 2011 +
4/5 -- The dongle works great. I use it every day for my blue tooth keyboard on my media computer.

Bluetooth user
Feb 11, 2012 +
5/5 -- The device is a really tine Bluetooth adapter, which does not require any additional drivers and is so small, that you can leave it plugged into your laptop even when you travel (plug and forget). Works fine with cellphones.