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ABI 3-Watt Warm White Bent Flame Tip Candelabra LED Bulb, E12 Base 200 Lumens
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ABI 3-Watt Warm White Bent Flame Tip Candelabra LED Bulb, E12 Base 200 Lumens (product group: lights)
  • This attractive 3W LED flame tip candelabra bulb can save you up to $80 in energy costs over the course of its life when compared to a 25W incandescent. Equipped with high-quality Samsung LED chips, the LED candelabra gives off 200 lumens of warm LED light, though it may actually appear much brighter. This sleek, compact bulb will last over 30,000 hours and is an ideal solution for any E12 candelabra fixture. The 360° illumination sends light in all directions creating a smooth, even glow.

    Why LED?

    LEDs are the future in energy-efficient lighting. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, they are 80% more efficient, produce 80% less heat, and last 10x longer. And when compared to CFL (compact fluorescent lights), they last 4-8x longer, do not contain toxic mercury, turn on at full brightness, and do not flicker. Based on average usage, LEDs last up to 20 years. LEDs give you the same brightness and warmth as incandescent or CFL bulbs, but last much longer and are much more efficient.


    This product is backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.
Features and Specifications
  • Voltage: 85-285V
  • Base: E12
  • Lumens: 250
  • Wattage: 3W
  • Dimmable: No
  • Incandescent Equivalent: 30W
  • Color Temperature: 2800 Kelvin (Warm White)
  • Length: 13cm (130mm)
  • Style: Flame Tip