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ABI 12W Blue and White LED Grow Light Bulb for Reef and Freshwater Aquarium
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ABI 12W Blue and White LED Grow Light Bulb for Reef and Freshwater Aquarium (product group: lights)
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  • Optimal spectrum, high efficiency, quality components, and sturdy construction make the ABI blue and white aquarium light bulb the smart choice for both freshwater and marine aquariums. This light was developed to deliver superior lighting for growing aquatic plants and marine invertebrates such as corals and for illuminating fish and decor. The new 15-chip design uses 15x3W chips running at reduced current to improve the efficiency and longevity. Total power consumption is only 12W. By combining three different wavelengths of blue light with cold white light, the ABI blue and white LED bulb promotes plant growth, encourages coral florescence and blooming, accentuates the fluorescence of fluorescent fish, and provides a beautiful viewing environment.
Features and Specifications
  • Promotes growth and blooming of fresh water plants, marine plants, and marine invertebrates including corals. Provides bright illumination for viewing fish, plants, corals, and decor.
  • Designed for optimal spectrum and high efficiency using quality components and sturdy construction.
  • 50,000+ hour service life, 3-year manufacturer's warranty, assembled in the USA
  • 15 bright high efficiency LED chips use only 12W of energy and emit minimal heat. A 30-degree beam angle lens focuses the light for a bright appearance. Fits a standard household E26 socket. 100-240V AC input.
  • LEDs: 6x 450-460nm, 5x 10000-15000K, 2x 460-470nm, 2x 425-430nm