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Inline RF Remote Control Dimmer Switch for LED Strip Light thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
Inline RF Remote Control Dimmer Switch for LED Strip Light
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• This inline RF remote control dimmer switch offers a convenient way to control LED strip lights at a distance. Choose from 8 levels of brightness, turn lights on or off, or choose a dynamic mode for added effect. This is an RF remote which does not require a line of sight between the remote and the controller box. Installation is simple, just connect it between the driver and the strip. Use this with strip lighting that uses a barrel connector, such as single color ABI LED strip light kits.
• Voltage: 5-24V, Max Load: 12A (144W), Size: 42x12x3mm, Distance: 40 ft., Retains setting after power loss
• Dynamic modes: gradual change, signal light, strobe, breathe, candlelight
• Can be paired one remote to one controller or one remote to many controllers
• The remote may need to be paired to the controller before first use. Connect the controller to a power source and to the LED strip, then press Speed + and Speed - simultaneously. The remote will broadcast a pairing signal and any controllers within range will now respond to the remote. Multiple controllers can respond to a single remote, to use multiple controllers independently you must first unplug the power from all of the controllers except for the one that you wish to pair.