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5 Pin MHL v1.0 Male to HDMI Female Cable thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
5 Pin MHL v1.0 Male to HDMI Female Cable
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• Supports all standard MHL compatible devices.
• Charges your phone while it operates
• Supports HDCP

MHL v1.0 Supported Phones Include:
• Samsung: i9100 GALAXY SII/i9108/i9188/i997 Infuse 4G
• HTC: G22 Amaze 4G/G14 Sensation/G18 Sensation XE/Rezound/Edge/G17 EVO
• LG: Nitro HD/Optimus LTE/Prada 3.0/Spectrum
• Nokia: N10

MHL adapters allow you to connect HDMI cables to the micro-usb port on supported phones for video and audio output.

The included micro-usb charging cable must be plugged in to power the MHL adapter.  Your phone will also be charged while it is connected.

Note:  This is a standard 5-pin MHL adapter.  The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 use a non-standard 11-pin connection that is not compatible with this adapter.  An 11-pin to 5-pin adapter cable is sold separately and will allow this device to work with those phone models.

Package Includes:
1x 5-pin Standard MHL to HDMI Adapter
1x Micro-USB Charging Cable