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ABI 24V 15A 360W DC Power Supply Indoor Driver for LED Light Strips and More
ABI 24V 15A 360W DC Power Supply Indoor Driver for LED Light Strips and More
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• Power LED lights and other DC devices with the ABI 24V 360W power supply.
• Fan speed adjusts automatically according to the operating temperature.
• Input: 120V AC, Output: 24V 15A Max (360W)
• Direct wire screw terminals, single rail output, three sets of output terminals.
• Indoor use only. AC cord not included.

Power LED lights indoors and out with the ABI 24V 360W power supply. This single-rail direct wire power supply has three sets of output terminals for directly wiring multiple lights. A built in cooling fan provides plenty of airflow over the circuit board ensuring long service life. This solid and attractive power supply is built from quality components. The constant voltage 24V DC power output is suitable for powering any 24V DC device.

Wiring safety: 360W is a lot of power. Use appropriately sized wires to avoid dangerous overheating of the wire. 16 AWG copper wire is recommended for the AC input. The DC wire needs to be appropriately sized for the load. Check the product specifications or measure the current with a multimeter and research wire size to choose the appropriate wire. It never hurts to oversize the wires.

Input Power: 110/120VAC (can also be configured for 220/240V operation)
Output Power: 24VDC 15A Max. (360W)
Connection Type: Direct wire screw terminal block
Power Input Terminals: 3 (Ground, N-Neutral, L-Load/Hot)
Power Output Terminals: 6 (+,+,+,-,-,-) [single rail]
Size: 21.5x11.5x5cm
Ambient operating temperature: -22°F - 140°F
Active cooling
Short circuit and over-current protection